About Us

Welcome to ShoppingBargains.ca. We know you have many choices for shopping online. Thank you for shopping with us.

A Brief History

ShoppingBargains.ca is part of Shopping-Bargains.com, LLC, a family-owned enterprise established in February of 1999. The immediate goal of the first website was to help family and friends save money shopping online.

After months of preparation, ShoppingBargains.ca was formally launched on August 13, 2009. Prior to that, Canadian online retailers were simply listed on ShoppingBargains.com, our sister-site catering primarily to the U.S. market. Following several successful years, we suspended our Canada operations to rethink and retool. After an extensive update and with a new mobile-friendly interface, we relaunched ShoppingBargains.ca in September of 2015.

ShoppingBargains.ca Today

Though more than a decade has passed since that first shopping site creation, that initial vision remains essentially the same. It is, however, now administered on a much wider scale. Today, our shopping sites are curated by a team of creative staff members using a wide array of technology services. The Shopping-Bargains family of websites are pleased to specifically serve audiences in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom (with Shopping-Bargains UK) — and beyond.

This growth has been exciting for our team. In spite of these successes, though, we remain committed to our shoppers and our goal of helping them save money online. We are thankful for our customer’s trust and for their business. We are also committed to our core values which include integrity and doing good. (Learn more about our history, awards and guiding principles.)

Your Privacy

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Thank You

Again, we thank you for shopping with us and for your business with the online retailers listed on ShoppingBargains.ca! Please tell your friends and family so they too can save money shopping online.